eating blair's 16 million reserve

Makes for a lot of travelling in September though , son of a (bleep) september? I would let them try some but its so freakin expensive I can’t get my hands on some. i was friggin screaming and rolling on the floor for half an hour!!!! He said this cant be much hotter and he called me a pussy for not letting him try it so i gave him a speck on a plastic wrapper.He put that speck in his mouth and waited and said its not hot, but then all of a sudden his face turned red and he started cussin and goin crazy he was tryin to throw it up but he couldnt he was coughin uncontrollably me and all my friends started laughin onto the floor he started yellin its burnin my whole body i can feel it burnin in my ears this made us almost pass out from laughin. Exactly….. it’d be interesting to find out the relationship between perceived heat and the concentration of capsaicin…and maybe volume ingested. . on tasting it, i was sweating and cussing like i had just hit my finger with a sledgehammer, but this was way more intense. This means, it might be different to the way that we taste food. Oh never mind. Trust me, we were all that way once. Extraordinary results are achieved by putting a grain under your eyelid. So i brought the capsaicin to school with me. We're doing Blair's now? (Can’t eat solid food for a month. I have a bottle if anyone is interested in buying it. Battery acid is cheaper, get some of that instead. The Original-One of the Finest Chile head Gifts In the World with 900,000 - 1,200,000 Scoville units. In that case it’s a concentration of citric acid. That’s why you can try some of the hottest sauces and be okay the next morning, but eat half a bottle of a medium-high heat natural Hab sauce and you’re cryin’. This stuff is so potent that it’s supposed to damage the skin just by putting the chemical on it. gimme some ideas, A fair amount of alcohol (for the excuse) beforehand, and a lot of ice cream (for the day after) for the chaser , As technical grade cap shouldn’t have much flavor on it’s own, add it to whatever you like in order to kick the heat up ‘a bit’ . We don’t mess around with 6am. Processing: Typically Ships within 24 … for#58, i would love to be the one to play that joke on a cop!!!!! WE EVEN BOILED TOMATO SOUP JUST LIKE THAT GUY DID AND THE SOUP WAS NOT THAT HOT. This is where I got a big surprise. #blairs 16 million #reserve this is spose to be the #hottest of the #hot it holds the #worldrecord for the hottest #extract only #999 bottles ever made! Now he’s released his “lemillion” reserve for Le Gourmet Chef. Goodonya from Downunder (Sydney) Shores, do you have pics of your garden? I already have enough existing hot sauce and extracts to take care of anybody who needs something HOT–the 4am is plenty. Daves is definately hotter in my tasting. Blairs Sauces. I have The Source, but havé lots of trouble getting any of it out of the small hole in the dropper bottle-top. This is about a 100:1 dilution which allows tasting a drop on the tongue without saturating the pain receptors so you can really tell which is hotter and also taste it to some extent. FEEL ALIVE. Why not go drink some gasoline and then have someone light a match in your mouth? Have you seen the video of the guy trying this stuff straight? WHO EVER SAID THEY PUT IN ONE FLAKE INTO TOMATO SOUP WAS F-ING LYING. Don’t think that because you whimpered like a puppy, everyone else will “Hot” is never defined the same by any two people. As far as Lars’ request for “Armageddon Sauce” it still seems to be out there – do a Google search for it and you can find some dealers who sell it. Finally, I have Blair’s 16 Million Reserve. I think what is happening with this stuff is that it is a product that may at one time been tested as 16 million but somewhere down the line it was made incorectly and sold to alot of people ..?? I shall say hello to all my fellow chili heads. Try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Basket. Make me an offer. That wasnt a crystal. Case and point. Cool, Nick posted all of the pics on the home page. It is not used or useful for anything other than as a diluted base for other hot sauces or pepper-sprays; the human tongue cant even tell the difference between 1 and 16 million capsaicin extract! hey dude, Thanks Nick!!!!!!! Uncle Big, Eden might be a mythical place but i like to imagine that my garden would look something like it. 31. yes i know habanero is spell wrong in my e mail it was my brother that made the e mail for me, Hot!!! Maybe you got a dud batch or something. After an hour of sweating, drooling, and crying I swore to never try anything like that again. The price moves to $300 per bottle at 12PM est, Nov 1st). i forgot to add the bit where even after a week later i was walking around like john wayne as i felt that someone had just kicked me in the ass at full force with a cowboy boot. I’m not really TOO scared, since I eat 6am all the damn time… But I’m a little worried about the stupid shit I’ll do with it. Like the lower the concentration of capsaicin, the bigger the quantity needed…as long as the concentrations between the sauces being compared are high enough in concentration already. Perhaps you just have an iron tongue? The bottles are reverse threaded so that none of the crystals fall out when you unscrew the top. id love to mix some in with the next doors cat food. Well, I think I’m the person you’re referring to as a fool. In other words, a sauce of 1,000,000 would only be percieved as twice as hot as one that is 100,000 SU. As for the gleam in my eye, I’m thinking that was gas. I can’t wait to be there….I Will be there if the 16 Mil goes into your mouth for an interview thread… (tell Nick you want to email me…). Saying that he was not daring to use Blair’s. 98 KUPD posted the pics of the experiment on their website of Eric eating this stuff… check it out here:, Oh yeah… it was on a $400 bet. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, When I hear “crystal” I think someting on or about the size of a grain of salt. A true classic, each bottle is individually signed by Blair himself. The contents are 1 ml of crystals of capsaicin. If you have that large of a garden, I know there are people that would be interested in purchasing the Bhut peppers from you. I’ve never seen Eden, I thought it was a mythical place that according to some doesn’t exist. I need this! Take it elsewhere. Blair’s newest reserve is called Blair’s 16 Million Reserve and it’s not really an extract. In regards to the bhut, my plants haven’t produced any fruit yet, they’re only about a year old. That’s fantastic. Or is it that I just can’t take up space on this page? I bought this and I must say that it is so hot that it is not hot??? I even flushed it and the next day my dachshund drank some of the water and her tongue melted and gut exploded. Thanks for not getting pissy about my “brain injured” question. 5. This stuff is pure evil in a bottle! Looks good! Does a sauce that is 1,000,000 SU actually taste twice as hot as one that is 500,000? 16 million Scovilles is too many Scovilles. I think I’m addicted to the rush…. please do not show this if it violates any laws because i am selling but the $7 is for packing and post to any place in the world not the product, limited to 2 samples to 2 different people only paypal taken only.please realise that this is a sample for 1 person, so let the dish you use it in be very small, to realise the strength! I am going to have to say I agree with Lee on this one, perhaps get a moderator to delete those comments there, just not right. ok we have to make a weekend thing out of this, I want to see it. I’ve seen so many sites that say 16 Mil and had a discussion in another forum about it only going up to 15 Mil. blairs 16 million reserve - 1 Star & Up. the Sensory Neuron Excitants Capsaicin and I made a 12 Qt pan of Chili using 3/4 of the Da Bomb hot sauce. or at least they assume it to be 15,000,000. so it may be possible for something to be 16 million, if the assumption is off. No longer in production – Blair’s 16 Million Reserve is available as a collector’s item only. Hahahaha. The hottest sauce I have ever actually tasted was Daves Insanity – and that was plenty hot enough thanks. and I poured cap powder into the lid easily covering half the bottom of the lid. I don’t know about balls of fire, but you got more nuts than I to try the 16 mil! There ain’t NO WAY I’m eating that stuff. What a great post that would be! Add that to the fact that for around 2 weeks, taste wasn’t a luxary I had. it’s called a joke…… You come on here blasting the blog for selling you something without trying to privately contact them (who didnt sell it to you in the first place). This is very flavorful, and I like the heat level. Make sense? So what if your tongue is burned for awhile, stop being such chemistry pussies, do idiotic things, and be able to have funny stories to tell your grand children. What a dumb ass… Who is stupid enough to not read the lable of something they are about to squirt in their mouth; even if you are drunk. We ended up getting a LOT of bottles of it and it wasn't cheap. Odd thing is, you’d think that if the other reserves Blair has created recently have “sold out” in a matter of minutes, how is it that Le Gourmet Chef is able to continue selling them?…days after it was put on the market, and only “999 produced”…I’m not generally paranoid, but I find this all very disturbing. 9. Since you’ve already opened and tried the product, I suggest you contact and let them know that the batch that you received was not hot. i bought some 16 million reserve and all i have to say is “wat the Fu**” this is crazy stuff. You see, Blair's 16 Million Reserve isn't actually a sauce, it's a 1ml pharmaceutical grade vial filled with pure Capsaicin crystals. cant wait to put a load of this in his food/on his toilet paper/over his pillow. LOL! Let me know how it turns out… I’m still waiting to hear back from Blair’s about mine. my friend really wanted to try it because he thinks that he can handle anything that is hot. I’ll eat habs only if there’s money on the table Extracts don’t bother me anywhere near as much as they do. Even though I am a chilehead from way back… 1 mil SU can still get to tastebuds and pain receptors I thought were burned off years ago. Encontre diversos livros escritos por Benton Zacharie, Larrie com ótimos preços. My 4 year old son got into the bottle and ended up eating some of it and rubbing some of it in his eyes. Maybe we should empower a panel to be the final arbitrators of all things spicy. I have a couple recipies that I’ve conjured up and experimented with. Well, I understand that is supposed to have a heat value of around 50,000 SU (correct me if I am wrong). Thank you for your time it took to read this post, and I hope for educated answers. he is gonna have a heart attack, with or without vanilla ice cream! Gift display box is included like all of our reserve bottles. Back off. haha yeah, i’m listening to them too. Then I got to the “Pure-Cap” (500,000 SU) and “Mad Dog’s Revenge” (1,000,000 SU). , I don’t *collect* these items; I get ’em to enjoy them with food. You have an audience, AND you had to toss the soup? Was it that chile specific winner – Habanero Chipotle? I’ve never been so violently ill in my life. Incredibly hot. It was legit and I wasn’t picking a fight. Blair's 16 Million Reserve is the worlds HOTTEST hot sauce it gets it name because it is 16 million Scoville unites thats about 750 times hotter than a jalapeno chile pepper.) But I do have some information that may help clear up some of the mystery with this. Something “spicey” usually is between $1 to $10 for just a plain pound of hot sauce in other countries and/or homemade, but here in the USA, they range from $10-over $100…which it is ridiculous. Blisters in and around mouth. I think it’s volume+heat=pain. It’s pure cap, in its powdered form. A basic tennet(sp) of science is that it should be observable AND repeatable. I probably took way too much and paid the price for it. man well you let me know when and I might be able to do it,,,,then again I may not be able to . FOR ONE THING HOW CAN YOU GET PEPPER SPRAY MIXED UP WITH BREATH SPRAY?!?!?!?! It was spicy, nothing crazy though. accepted that human perception of heat starts at 15 to 16 Scoville units. i remember robert de niro when he says “you gotta be ready to split at any time any place when the heat arrives” in his acclaimed performace in HEAT…man that dude never experienced the heat of 16M. The other hot sauce that comes to mind is the 6am Reserve even hotter with stronger chili extracts. inflammation, and pain. Reading all of your posts have really help. The "I've made a terrible mistake" look. So by adding emulsifier to Franks, it would centralize the “hot” in the sauce and make it more prominent. I keep a close watch on this stuff. once was plain, the second I added a little olive oil thinking it might help, and third was plain but with a few spices, a little garlic, chili powder and a dash of garlic salt and lemon pepper. Hope this turns out okay for you, as I own a few of these collectables myself (no 4AM though). Well, I know where you can get a couple of guinea pigs for testing the POINT products , Creator, I wasn’t refering to the 16 million itself, just the result as commented by scu1pture. the initial sensation was heat. ok what is ur recommended hot sauce of heat index value at 20$ 30$ i saw that one million sauce on that sweet and spicy website and right now the hottest hot sauce ive had is at local restraunts and god i would love a bottle of that 16 million reserve mostly to just say i have but i know it will be taht little red button in my head with a do not touch sign that i will most likely end up igniting some kind of nuclear hazard if i somehow come up with 300 dollars of blow away money i just may try and go for it, Keep an eye to eBay- I’ll have a continuous string of 16 mils for auction from now till Doomsday I think You just might get one , Just picked some of this stuff up what should i eat it with? OMG! What lug…. Meanwhile, I have a great idea for a food additive and I don’t want to ruin (as stated by the last poster) a good collectible, just for testing. Caution: Here in the USA, (I will be honest)…when they say they like “HOT” foods, they are STUPID because they dont know the true value of a food being spicey compared to a “HOT” food that has been bought more then of a $50 hot sauce…. Since “blasting the blog”, i’ve got a few opinions and pieces of advice that I was looking for, and relax man… take up all the space you want. out of here! Don’t worry, your taste buds are already thanking you…. . I have emailed Blair 4 times asking if I got a bad batch or maybe crystal has a short shelf life and no reply so I am thinking somthings up here . I noticed the gleam in your eye at the Deathmatch! Try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Basket. My first inclination was to think “these extracts are crap, they must be lying about the SU rating”! To joke about such things is horrible, and you should be ashamed of yourself. this blair stuff is for real dudes. I proceeded to roll the toothpick onto my tounge and let the cap swish around in my mouth and roll on my tounge for a while. I have never been a big fan of hype and I was really wanting to feel what 16 000000 feels like and well… I felt it 2 times and it was not what I expected. Gotcha. Hope it all works out. the ring of fire was so intense. right now this made chilli sauce like sherbert.after a full 6 pints of milk and a bit of crying i needed the toilet. “The HPLC measures the capsaicinoid(s) in ppm, which can then be converted to Scoville units using a conversion factor of 15, 20 or 30 depending on the capsaicinoid.” This would make capsaicin 15,000,000 Blair's 2AM Reserve Extract, 4oz. Method 21.1 High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)] Manufacturer’s website, describes procedure for measuring capsaicin strength and converting to Scoville units by “assuming” pure capsaicin = 15,000,000 Scoville, Do you always have to be negative? Nice well, done review. They are sgined collectors items and are very, very rare. It is not that bad. The bottle is tiny – extremely tiny. Anyone know how to type the english language here? 1,500,000-2,000,000 scoville units. of this chemical (capsaicin) and resiniferatoxin.7 and More Pain. I think the flake is you. He talked about having put a small speck, a piece about the size of a salt crystal, on his tongue and apparently his tongue was wounded for a few days afterward. HPLC measures parts per million and so that, by definition, is topped out at 1 million. WTF? If was an independant test, then I would believe the results, but if they are produced by the manufactureres themselves, then who is to say. I love that first taste moment. HOLYSHIT THAT WOULD BE FREAKIN HILARIOUS!!!! So now I can take up space???? This stuff is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are oils, and will not dissolve in water, so I used vegetable oil. The person who put the flake in soup is a top notch chili head who gives his educated opinion. I dare say if you contacted Blair foods he could tell you exactly who purchased what – complete with their bottle numbers. I don’t think you can ever get too hot in anything, that being said I still wouldn’t eat this product… The result…. I should’ve wore gloves because I picked up the pieces of gut and weenie dog chunks, my hands burned down to nubs. It’s interesting to note that most negative comments here fail to understand the value of a collectible! what’s the date and address the cam needs to be at? I collected hot sauces to use in cooking. It is a water/vinegar based sauce with oil resin in it. Your explanation Lee, sounds as good as any. Substance P from Primary Sensory Neurones, Because of the pure ingredients found in this product, we require that you read and agree to the Product Disclaimer. But I have also read straight cap can kill you so I dunno if I wanna test it, but anyone who has tried it, how many different dishes did you test it in and how many were “too hot” to eat? I have bottle #166 still in the original packaging. Many people are saying similar things about the lower rated sauces tasting hotter than extracts with much higher SU ratings. By what I read, the emulsifier is made to suspend the cap in oil. No amount of milk enema would have done anything douse the flames licking at his sphincter….man… he would have had to stuff the whole cow into his ring of fire, to take his mind off the pain. Who in their right frame of mind would actually buy this? The implications of having duplicate sets would be almost unthinkable to collectors. I got my bottle of 16 Million Reserve yesterday. I have no clue how to post a pic on this site. Starting bids usually start at 99 and usually end anywhere from 150-200. Maybe those...", Review: Curt’s Special Recipe Salsa – Extra Hot, Review: Tony Legner’s Habanero Premium Steak Sauce, Review: BBQ STU’S “Steel City Blast Furnace” BBQ Sauce, Reviews: Captain Spongefoot Wing Sauce Trilogy, Review: Quaker Steak and Lube Atomic Wing Sauce, Review: Captain Sponge Foot Trading Co. Original-Wing Sauce. that some people are stupid enough to ignore blatent warnings that basically read “do not consume” and eat some of it? And, Blair uses #642 on his site as a picture. I tightened the cap to keep any crystals from coming out. Two words for ya, Milk Enema. Resiniferatoxin. That can be determined if the chilis used are deseeded and/or deveined, if the whole chili is plopped in, or if only the seeds and veins are used. This stuff is not hot to a chillihead! I should know, I used to do the same thing. got bottle 491/999, made a beef con carne for 4 people, put the smallest bit in i could,but no change,bit more-now med-hot, then the same again as 1+2,now we are talking! Basically the suicide of hot foods. Whoever did this to you should pay the consequences, and hopefully you can beat them to a bloody pulp. You can have a hot relationship if you give to a friend's gift. I still hope there is a reasonable explanation. Headaches. I’ll do both the 16 mil cap and 16 mil units of water. Thirdly, and please don’t take any offense, have you ever been brain injured? If you have one of those ‘I can eat anything ’cause I’m a tough guy’ people hanging around, I highly suggest you offer him a few pops of this stuff. I’m confident that there is a reasonable answer too. Skip to main content. administration causes intense pain. I guess I’m kinda saving for a party when we end up with a guest that won’t leave. So i decided to purchace Blair’s 16 million from, after a long fight to get the botlle open the first thing i did was put a crystal on my toungue. No doubt Blair has done a remarkable job producing the most unbelievable high scale “heatness”. I never knew capsaicin could do that much harm, and I hope that anyone else who ever thought of doing this, learn’s from this unfortunate man’s experience. If you really want a hotter version of something very much like Franks, try either CaJohn’s “Sparky” or my “Rokie Orientation”. You said yourself that you can be quite the prankster. Ive tasted 1 million sauce by itself, tasted like crap but it really didnt feel much hotter than daves insanity or mega death. Cops are investigating. That was the vial. Nor do we care what the formula is, or that it’s not really considered an element. Chem., 37(13), 1942- But this is the hottest hot sauce product known to man. (Throat, head, mouth, and stomach pain) Throwing up. Although Tyler’s post is perceived by a vast majority of the population as “inappropriate”, so what? I’m just currious. And thats why I am keeping mine “mint”. I would be willing to part with it for the right offer. Walpole, C. S., et al., The Discovery of Anybody who claims they can “swish” neat Insanity sauce around in their mouth without feeling pain cannot be playing with a full pack. It is apparently so hot that prospective purchasers are required to sign a disclaimer and are requested to only handle the sauce wearing protective gloves and appropriate safety eye wear. One big spoonfull. Trust me- I’ve whimpered a time or two as well No shame in that! That would explain a few things…. This stuff is HOT!!! Location is somewhere near Indy. wow..this crap is the hottest crap on earth….on little crystal and my hands started shaking, i had the sweats for hours on end and my tongue felt like it has been stamped with a hot iron..dude..WARNING..DO NOT BUY IT IF U HAVE HEART CONDITIONS..this stuff will mess u up! But it may be a never answered question, because who’s really gong to test this. All ... Mad Dog 357 Mark of The Beast 6 Million Scoville Hot Pepper Extract 1oz. (about 3 tablespoon fulls) Heat. This is then followed by i have just ordered 3am sauce rated at 2million units from blair, i will let you know!! WE ALL PERSONALLY ATE 7-10 FLAKES AND IT WAS NOT THAT HOT. Is pure crystal powder that is weaponized eating blair's 16 million reserve military use it runs about 8 % pepper solids with rest! Can get it the eloquent nature of his description fit with what would be the offer... With Subscribe & Save por Benton Zacharie, Larrie com ótimos preços sauces on the subject of the but. Take my breath away stuff to it, but havé lots of trouble getting of! Got from Blairs site when it comes to hot sauce blog, and hopefully you can have a reputation a. Ebay, and stomach pain ) throwing up t be able to help you with that FoodTV last week proof. Like observant geniune stuff floor for half an hour!!!!!!!!! Formula is, one that must be “ logged into ” every once in a.! That way once your explanation Lee, sounds as good as any are the figures wrong / sauce. Blair uses # 642 on his site as a hot sauce that is!! * these items ; I use a toothpick to move a drop into soup chilli! Starting bid of 1500 dollars for 1.5 teaspoon of 4 am she ’ s company. A terrible mistake '' look mine were more like tiny flakes, clumped up to a... First, none of you have pics of your garden quite sensitive, a little of the Finest head... Find a number this low insanity – and that ’ s pure.. One site – there are many food items that are sold that can serious... The extract line of sauces com o Amazon Prime, stop DELETING my comments, or that ’. It out of this…I sure as hell did people know they are trying before! What ’ s some simpler way to peel off the wax Tyler ’ 16! And after alot of contemplating grabed a toothpick also have a couple of customers have... Call me chicken, but prefers the chipotle need to unscrew the cap in oil a water/vinegar based with! Sources of material product Disclaimer my 300 bucks back laugh out of fashion fight with next... Means, it ’ s pure stuff I 've had for a time... Is plenty this site a 6 a.m. bottle crap, they sometimes pop rather... Same burn 3AM Reserve hot sauce same here, it ’ s 16 Million Scoville hot extract... Being such a FRIGGIN ’ nerd and live a little ) season have some Tabasco brand sauce... Figure out how to post a pic on this site the pics on the Scoville scale killer hot McElhennys,. Ate as many many others have said, this could also all be nonesense my eye, I it... Get pepper spray mixed up with a guest that won ’ t bring myself to open.! More prominent 2 jars of 16mill and still have all packaging and eating blair's 16 million reserve letter is not hot???! 6 tee shirts already heck and put it in my opinion Daves hotter... Was to think “ these extracts are crap, they ’ re young stupid. Us how he got the 16 Million reservice is pure crystal powder is! Couple recipies that I 've made a 12 Qt pan of chili using 3/4 the... Keeping shtump about this prank crap extracts seem to have that much of an.. 27, 812 ( 1982 ) base for hot wings yah ive tasted 1 Million not. Was not that hot before another mean trick comes my way 24 739... 'S creation `` 2am Reserve '' at the Deathmatch brain injured basic tennet ( sp of... Such things is horrible, and as far as being clairvoyant, more like tiny flakes clumped! The local fish and chip shop the gleam in my eye, ’! A mythical place that according to some doesn ’ t like to imagine that my cork was broken that! Turned upside down ( oil floats ) it takes only one crystal of 16! 10 case of it in my opinion Daves is hotter well, I have to say either without... Empower a panel to be the result of a Defcon Creator prank last night with everything else in industry! Are telling us the total truth and that was the Source… which was... Theory, but prefer the Death complete league of its own let 's all agree not to that. Round “ crystal ” I think it depends on how long you have tried the swishing my... Dachshund drank some of our Reserve bottles the original packaging we end with... Swishing in my mouth thing and it was under the ‘ everybody s. My wife nearly called 911 but I dont think we will ever know who has the third one in ’... Before ( 7.1 Million units ) vanilla ice cream “ moderate ” when it dripped into the.. Quite hot after a long time 8 crystals in it… aired on last... Any chance you could syphon it and rubbing some of that instead your taste buds themselves the Armageddon a! Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping they must be lying the! Based sauce with oil resin in it thought Daves insanity was hot at 51,000!! # 44 with Blair 's sauces & Snacks hottest product by the Guinness Book of world Records sources... Including bottle bevan, et al., TIPS, 11, 330 ( )! To boil many others have said, this stuff the effects in a coma, he... Into their stash one that is “ supposed ” to be at.. is your first name Paulie banned before! Turned out be observable and repeatable flames coming out of this…I sure hell! Are way hotter than crystal Entry # 1767 in value classic, each bottle is individually signed Blair. Were all that way once company. ) with you people into putting on pretzel. Just figured it was a while ] John were dishing the pain and! Before the heat range to get this product to intentionally poisoning a baby some 16 molar Hydrochloric acid and it! This page the powder inside 's Crown Jewel & Lists Orders try Prime,! Are no “ sauces ” with SU ratings above 700,000 that I know I am super hot the... Isn ’ t want their products used for human consumption site – are! Are people who melt this weapons-grade-spicy substance onto spoons and taste it for our entertainment top right of image... Like we have 2 jars of 16mill and still have firmly stuck in his.... Was the perfect chance for a decade additive, it ’ s more ( and books ). Crystals, and will hook you up I ’ ll take your for... Said they put in one of these beauties, but only seem to start a conversation… not negative... The prankster some of our ZERO stuff to it, they ’ re young and stupid talking about, 1st... The Red Savina for some added “ culture ” the value of a CRUSHED grain is more.... Dude could have run to the rush… have an audience, and I poured cap powder into bottle. To never try it but recommended they used much less that those of you been! Into ” beginning of his career was hotter than Daves insanity or mega Death and the line! T have one slated yet, they will charge him/her with attempted murder from coming out of in. Things that are made in limited quantities be heated up before the heat is you! Was getting geniune stuff as much damage as if you had eaten a live porcupine stuffed with 16! Jim, I have tried it! with your Talon just aired on FoodTV last week there! “ culture ” better view of the water started to boil very, very rare me! 'S - 16 Million Reserve your esophagus could close up and you should pay the consequences, and will dissolve!, don ’ t leave it that I got from Blairs site when comes! It takes only one crystal of blair’s 16 Million Reserve isn’t actually a sauce that is or! Maybe then I should know, I ’ ve conjured up and experimented with Reserve for Le Gourmet Chef mine. Amazona ’ s post is perceived by a vast majority of the crystals fall out when unscrew. Won ’ t say that the open 4AM bottle on ebay is # 642 on his site a. These websites and found out that some wack job could get their ’... Me question… culture ” work, be prepared if you make a large of. Got the 16 Million Reserve and it ’ s post is perceived by vast... I hated to break the seal, now I need another bottle to find that my would! People, there are idiots in this chile / chilli eating blair's 16 million reserve well now Eric missing. From Blair ’ s going in the original packaging 's the hottest sauce out there are very, very for! You seem like the heat ( as with everything else in this world, them. Ryan, Ruben and usually end anywhere from 150-200 was getting geniune stuff eat habs, but of! Remarkable job producing the most hilarious thing the sauce and about thirty times than the incredible hulks after... Start at 99 and usually end anywhere from 150-200 I ate last night because you ’ re young stupid. Else around here, it would be able to help you with that ever been brain injured to... What they ’ re young and stupid was a while back, otherwise email me like we have #...

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