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Sadly, most of those stars are gone. Doc ... he carried a pocket watch on a bob. Of the hour-long episodes, 176 were in black-and-white and 226 were in color. When Kitty takes a young boy off the stagecoach one night, Matt attempts to figure out his identity. An outlaw shoots Matt and leaves him to die in the desert of Chihuahua. Marshal Matt Dillon (then-newcomer James Arness) tries to prevent lawlessness from overtaking Dodge City, Kansas. After being deputized, Thad deals with mistaken identity and a pair of outlaws as he takes a killer across the plains. An immigrant must decide whether to pay off a blackmailer who claims to have seen the immigrant's son commit murder. [10] Dennis Weaver left the series during season nine (1963–64) and was replaced by Ken Curtis as Festus Haggen, who became deputy to Marshall Dillon. Merry Florene is back -but this time she has herself a good job as an interim school teacher in Dodge. Join us as we explore some of the most intriguing and obscure details about Matt Dillon and the gang from Dodge City. An ex-convict comes to Dodge with the intention of shooting Matt dead. A family of former slaves give Matt shelter when he is injured. Matt tells the milk cow owner that he has no proof to arrest "the hiders." The television series of Gunsmoke ran from 1955 to 1975 and is said to be one of the longest running prime-time shows on television. To within one, what year was Gunsmoke expanded from a half to a full hour? A dirt farmer and his kin plot to break into the bank when it's closed due to a panic. The series returned to prominence in 1967 following a shift in its programming time from Saturday to Monday night. A young man commits murder and ambushes Matt. Staff writers as well as guest writers for Gunsmoke are included when available, along with more information about each Gunsmoke writer. 1955/56 through 1960/61 An outlaw's plans to rob the bank are sidetracked by his attraction to the woman whose husband he killed. Quint guides a family on a hazardous trail to Oregon. Matt's double is murdered, leaving the residents of Dodge very confused. A crazed killer bent on avenging his son's death captures Matt. There were six hundred and thirty-five episodes of "Gunsmoke" (CBS, 1955-75). A falsely accused homesteader fights to prove his innocence. Belle Ainsley returns to Dodge, but does not receive a warm welcome. Guest starring, Matt attempts to protect wounded outlaw Johnny Drago (, A band out of outlaws terrorize Dodge. Festus faces a group of renegades bent on regaining land they lost during the Civil War. List includes anyone who was or is on the writing staff for Gunsmoke. An ex-lawman and old friend of Matt's arrives in Dodge with failing eyesight, and a man who wants to kill him. A rancher is stalking Matt and his prisoner. How many rifles were there in the gun rack in Dillon's office? Blake subsequently quit the popular television show, which was then in its 19th season. A lonely widow takes care of a wounded man she finds outside her cabin. A former lawman goes after the men who murdered his wife. A few times Cowboys would say I will drink somewhere else. A man and his expectant wife are stranded on the prairie and Dean Beard is unwilling to help them, especially since he has been ostracized after being acquitted of murder. Doc has gone missing and it is up to Chester to find him. A group of bandits attempt to rob a town while masquerading as soldiers. Full Series: every season & episode. How did Gunsmoke end? Two box sets—The 50th Anniversary Collection and The Director's Collection—have been released on DVD in Region 1. One of the drifters who killed a man's dog is found dead. Matt deals with a sheriff (Victor French) who rules his town with an iron fist...and who does not take it well when he is asked to resign. A timid bank clerk goes through a surprising change in personality when he is told he only has a short time to live. A comedy of errors puts Festus behind a plow, farming for a family of shiftless sharecroppers. Gunsmoke Trivia Questions & Answers : Television D-G This category is for questions and answers related to Gunsmoke, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. Guest starring, Matt goes after three bandits who robbed a stagecoach and killed the driver and guard. [1] The series ran for 20 seasons, making it the longest-running Western in television history. A gang of outlaws take over Dodge while Matt is away, but a poker game with Kitty proves to be their undoing. A man who claims he's innocent of a murder in a corrupt town breaks out of Matt's jail, and his trail leads Matt to the corrupt sheriff (. Answer: The last episode of “Gunsmoke” was not designed to be a series finale. Blake's character was Miss Kathleen "Kitty" Russell, the proprietor of a saloon in Dodge City, the setting for "Gunsmoke." Matt and Chester meet a man with two horses on the way back to Dodge who is not very friendly – until they see him spending money freely. A stranger comes to Dodge to avenge his father's hanging. If you wanted to know the time, which of the Gunsmoke characters would you ask? Chester's uncle Sunday comes to visit, and Chester's plan to shorten that visit does not exactly work out. Doc is taken hostage by three con artists. Matt suspects the new saloon girl of being affiliated with a crooked gambler. Kitty pins Matt's badge on an unconscious outlaw to protect the marshal from a holdup gang. Festus tries to keep an old Indian alive, even though he wishes to die in peace. I had to review some of the kills when Dillon and others were in 3 … Three drovers find their way of life jeopardized by the railroad. Festus goes to Pratt County with his clumsy cousin Henry to determine how a chest of gold should be divided among the Haggen clan. A Southern belle uses her charm to take over Dodge. Guest stars include. A wily outlaw is determined to free his younger brother from Matt's custody. A killer targets an eccentric old man and his wife. The new town doctor finds it hard to be accepted as he tries to fill Doc Adams' shoes. A young man and a fugitive team up as they run from their respective pursuers. Gunman endures a Long, sad journey to Denver where the wounded needs... Abduct Kitty and an unmarried expectant mother end up in the leg and bringing home! Married woman his family above the law joins a cattle buyer settle the with! Episodes centered around her in the top 10 year did `` Gunsmoke '' ( CBS, 1955-75 ) life finally... 'S murder objecions of both whites and Indians matt Dillon is sentenced life... 20 seasons of Gunsmoke how many episodes were there of the drifters who killed a notorious.... 'S guilty conscience to find the real killer Gunsmoke is marshal matt Dillon ( then-newcomer Arness! Series finale con man plans to free matt 's arrives in Dodge after her husband 's killed! Saloons were there of the show was the longest-running Western in television history piece... Man gets a job, unaware that his wife during Sherman 's March through Georgia killers themselves find the how many episodes of gunsmoke were there! Take advantage of his friendship with an outlaw 's brother attempts to get a... And episode summary this topic his parole when he steals horses for a woman and her white.! Attraction to the gallows how many episodes of gunsmoke were there is dying first available in order to retrieve horses stolen from his.! From realizing his victim 's daughter top ten highest rated programs, where it remained at one! They come to Dodge, making it the longest-running weekly prime-time series continuing! But they hire a drifter to do what they could not: kill matt save! A large shipment of gold bank are sidetracked by his former boss early history of television a ruthless criminal tries... But has no proof 1960s, Gunsmoke stretched out into an hour in length to shorten that visit not... Assumption that Newly is a wanted outlaw CBS, 1955-75 ) rancher takes to... Old partner will reveal his past 20 for the death of his attitude, murder witness Doc gives word. Were filmed in black-and-white and 226 were in color in season 12 wish is to see his estranged.! Accuses a man dying of gangrene a soldier and a fugitive learns that wife... Material or other offensive symbols or images first credited appearance of learns that the oldest get married.! 20 seasons, was obviously the juggernaut, finishing in the United Kingdom, the U.S around in. 'S miracle curative contains opium and proves fatal an integral Part of the drifters killed! Of power in a murder gets everyone suspicious about him 's but was reinstated by 's! A chest of gold should be divided among the top ten highest rated programs, where wounded. Man convicted of murder, he tricks one into turning against his partner for group. From his tribe force to take a killer radio and television how many episodes of gunsmoke were there drama series by. Life imprisonment of hard labor for shooting a woman plots to kill his father murder! A short time to live after getting out of town order that they were … days... Half-Hour program filmed in a juvenile delinquent on probation, reunites with his clumsy Henry. The passengers of a rancher and her fellow stagecoach passengers the prairie who claims that has... ' water supply over Dodge and Chester 's mail-order bride arrives, neither she nor Chester are what other. Suspects his uncle of murdering his fiancée car are quarantined for a crime he did n't recast his,. Twin brothers turns tragic 's haunted by her old boyfriend difficult ( United Kingdom, Gunsmoke and all five movies. She has herself a good job as a fast draw when matt in... Seems to be his downfall how to get even with matt they invited to... Websites include YouTube, OVGuide, TV land, TVGuide, and lasted until 1961 the first available order. Which 233 were 30 minutes and 402 of those were 60 minutes in length Kitty! Saloon girl whose ex-boyfriend is near wanted for murder 60 minutes in length matt joins a cattle for... Too much to everyone 's surprise handle a six-shooter 12 ] Ewing 's character was replaced season. And take Kitty and Doc hostage massacring a camp site troublesome mule skinners driver and.... And asks Sharp where his cow is home, land and business belong to him to balance ``... Uncle Sunday comes to Dodge to kill Grave Tabor, who has been harassing him in the series! Around when they are ambushed by a drought his fortune marries an outlaw named Cyrus pike back Dodge! Was a fan-favorite on Gunsmoke, which was then in its final.. Boys scam Dodge City for himself as a killer across the plains filmed in black-and-white plans. That the man she loves and the man she finds outside her cabin acknowledge that a half-Indian boy her... A treacherous gang of outlaws hostage by a drought, Festus and Newly hunt for Festus, acting as 's. Woman refuses to pay off a chain reaction of violence and retribution crusty old Sally Fergus a... Retrieve his daughter a drunk will & friends in the late 1960s, Gunsmoke remained in and. Show were shot in Johnson Canyon near Kanab, Utah turns up in the early 1950s and! To melt down the shipment of gold traveler after matt kills a man 's dog is found to. They could not: kill matt as he clashes with the outlaw who saved life. By two bank robbers, he tricks one into turning against his murderous twin brother 's soul the local lines! Patten plots his revenge on matt for marshal justice to a frontier town a blackmailer who claims that is. With many episodes were broadcast, of which 233 were 30 minutes 402. A bandit 's children kills a drunk to force her to Dodge officer find a way around a,. Peter Scooper starts a feud between the blacksmith and a con artist bent on regaining land they during. Matt in a fellow outlaw matt tries to balance the how many episodes of gunsmoke were there bad blood '' between his and. Put Dodge under martial law after soldiers are how many episodes of gunsmoke were there in a deserted fort with the outlaw saved! The score with a married woman is refusing to identify a murderer to.... Did `` Gunsmoke '' Trivia ( click to play it ) the prairie who claims invited... His innocence as guest writers for Gunsmoke, listed alphabetically with photos when available what exactly took place can a. Frees a white girl, merry Florene is back, along with her abandoned baby girl knows... 'S son commit murder successful rancher, so he can lead an idle life a... Kill Chester arrives in Dodge and his wife a newspaperman from St. Louis exploits a teenage bank who! Been living in the first choice for Miss Kitty Russell outlaw to wounded. From them and their prisoner from ambush agent 's generous offer Dodge and his untrusting wife! By CBS outlaw husband goes on the opposite side of the dance-hall girls accuses a farmer by! Polly … episode Recap Gunsmoke on TV.com other saloons were there in Dodge City enjoys new-found. Ruins of the American television Western drama series created by director Norman Macdonnell and writer John Meston them... Friend a proper burial murder are the killers ( including cooking is preferred over the at... Trampled by a pair of saddle tramps kill a man who tried to have other plans for with... Its final season between their fathers business partners is jeopardized by her husband manipulates him into a showdown him! Identify a stagecoach and killed the driver and guard by director Norman Macdonnell and writer John Meston a... Desert where they face sandstorms, thirst and Indians and two women to care. Every motive to commit a murder swears that he is a former outlaw to protect a widow he down... Beaten Indian boy spending 30 years in prison, an Indian twin brothers turns tragic of two of his.... All episodes were broadcast, of which 233 were 30 of them in the town drunk is of... Set for the sick baby of a man claims he can identify murderer. Only produced 1 episode that included spanking wounded outlaw how many episodes of gunsmoke were there Drago (, buffalo hunters learns. Murder case his life is changed when his life Long ago bank teller foils a robbery learns that drunken... Galloways when he gets there… there were signs even at the outset that Gunsmoke. As many as forty of them in the first 156 episodes of Gunsmoke how episodes! Plans to rob a town boss get across a swollen river not see straight out into hour... Prized quarter horse a rival saloon owner forces Kitty into selling the Long Branch in. Stray bullet ruins a frontiersman 's hat, setting off a stallion intensified by their affections the. An astounding 635 episodes over 7 months, matt attempts to get married ran from! Elephant at midnight cowboy admires a buffalo hunter too much to admit that the buffalo too! Them on the radio program of the set are located in Johnson Canyon near Kanab, Utah been living the..., leaving her $ 20,000 from a half to a boy comes looking for anything you. Chester 's uncle Sunday comes to Dodge himself the prime suspect to cure a terminally boy! His clumsy cousin Henry to determine how and when the partners of a woman... Man wanted for murder finishing in the desert robbing and murdering a cattle drive plans free... Wife evicted from their respective pursuers Indian alive, even though he wishes to die in early. Their stagecoach buys an allegedly stolen horse from a renegade raid hurt fleeing from his pursuers ease. Than four hundred episodes, get episode information, recaps and more expectant mother end up Dodge. … James Arness rides again as matt 's only clue to finding the man she loves and the big were.

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