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For reference I'm a pretty average middle age build (M37, 5.10, 220, Glock 19.5 w/ Trijicon RMR and TLR-7A). CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWESOME ALSO! Second holster I've bought from Tier1. Seems to small to do much on a body build such as mine where your stomach hangs over a bit. Got one for the wife as well and she loves it! Every thing I researched basically frowned upon big guys running AIWB so I tried the 3-4 o’clock method but I wasn’t comfortable with my firearm being on my back. Tier 1 Concealed shoppers save an average of $17.61 when they used our coupons. I’m soooooo happy I didn’t listen to the consensus on big guys not being able to use an AIWB holster because the XIPHOS is AMAZING! Thank you for the great product! Wait time was faster than other top holster makers. See More "Close Cart" Foam Wedges; Medical Gear; Lights & Optics; IWB Parts; OWB Mounting Solutions; Cleaning Mats; Stickers; Gift Cards; Custom Modifications; T.1.C.S. Very happy with the comfort level as well as fit and finish. $53.00. Very, very happy with it. My only issue with my holster is that the left belt clip doesn't have anything behind it to prevent it from bending. I got mine in about 15 business days. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 7, 2019. The claw helps really conceal my glock 19 and it's comfortable enough to wear all day everyday and be able to forget that it's there. Check out at Tier 1 Concealed and save big on Tier 1 Concealed products with unique Tier 1 Concealed Promo Codes… I’ve Carried at 4 o'clock for about 6 years and have no complaints. My firearm is where I put it and there when, if I need it. Great purchase! Not too hard to figure out though. 174.5k Followers, 164 Following, 1,859 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Tier 1 Concealed (@tier1concealed) Impressed with this product very high quality ! I recently switched from my We The People holster to my XIPHOS V2 and I LOVE it! Purchased this for my Glock 23. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality holster. Just got the xiphos v2 in the mail, so far i like it! I'm hoping to see hellcat holsters that are compatible with underlights soon so I can buy another Tier 1 holster. Meet my EDC Holster by Tier 1 Concealed. Solid holster cant fond a bad thing to say about it! I carry strong side or appendix comfortably. I am able to make my own modifications so that if fits exactly how I want. Personally, I run it with one clip only. TIER 1 CONCEALED. I’m 5’10”, about 275lbs, wear a 3XL top with some room in the front and I was very skeptical about going the AIWB route. after weeks of ocd research decided to go with the XIPHOS V2 and give evil kydex another go... It holds my gun very well It doesn't fall out even if I hold it upside down and shake it, yet it draws very quickly and easily! In this video we go through an unboxing and quick overview of the newest appendix holster from Tier 1 Concealed, the T1 Axis Elite. 25-30 Business Day Lead Time! 37K likes. I’m 6’2” and about 230ish.. For the last 12 years i have been carrying appendix. $64.99 XIPHOS V2. The NEW XIPHOS V2 is an appendix carry holster that has been designed to be minimalistic, but also very sturdy and reliable. It probably would be even more comfortable with the added surface area. Ordering one for my shield! I’ll definitely be buying more. Super comfortable, especially with the wedge pack! © 2021 Tier 1 Concealed. T1C - Arch Patch - Grey $24.99. I have been looking for a holster for months for my cz p10c suppressor ready for a long long long time , found nothing I liked and then I stumbled upon tier one and was it worth it ! The XIPHOS also features adjustable retention and ride height. This fits my G45 and weapons light perfect. The best holster I own! I've tried a few brands of IWB holsters, but none of them come close to Tier 1's design and quality. See More "Close Cart" Foam Wedges; Medical Gear; Lights & Optics; IWB Parts; OWB Mounting Solutions; Cleaning Mats; Stickers; Gift Cards; Custom Modifications ; T.1.C.S. The smoothest draw I could possibly imagine. Absolutely worth the wait! Super sleek, super comfortable, and very well made. Anmelden. I won’t buy any other in the future , only from tier 1 !!!! Love the holster and I recommend you guys to everyone that is a law bidding citizen and gun owner. Definitely worth the price and shipping time. But it’s a great holster! I can wear it all day long with little to no discomfort! Doesn't print at all in shorts and a T shirt even though I'm not the thinnest guy! In about to order a tier one holster but I’m not sure if I should what size height I should order for the sweat guard. I love this holster! Ulticlips hold tight and let me carry without a belt or in sweats nicely. The Tier 1 with the flex is a bit better than the rigid designs. E-Mail-Adresse oder Handynummer: Passwort By choosing the Xiphos V2 and using a NeoMag spare mag holder, I’ve finally found the right combination for my EDC. 25-30 Business Day Lead Time! Waited 5 weeks, but it was worth the wait! See More "Close Cart" Hats; T-Shirts; Hoodies; Belts; Accessories . I’m an average built guy 5’10” 195lbs and this holster helps conceal my firearm flawlessly. Holster carries my 19 with an RMR and the mag carries is great for reloads at the range. greetings... *Heads Up! Ähnliche Seiten. Great retention. By far the best holster I own, perfect fit makes a full sized Glock 22 feel super comfortable and light I love it. Light, tough, comfortable! That coupled with the fit, finish, and adjustability make it ideal for someone like myself who wants their carry to fit the way they dress as oppose to the other way around. This company loves our freedoms and rights and support them in everyway. Both have been excellent. One last thing; the way the Axis Elite and Xiphos fit me, there is very, very little difference in printing with both holsters concealing very well for me. This is hands down the best holster that you can buy. Before I settled on the small wedge I tried the other sizes from the Tier 1 mixed wedge kit which I would highly recommend if you are unsure of the right fit. We stand for the United States of America and believe in her to no end. This is my choice and I use T1C clips on my Agis and they perform great! The holster is great quality. The above discounts are the most up to date Tier 1 Concealed offers on the web. Quality is on point, the fit around the gun is perfect, hardware is very good. Can not say enough good things about this holster. I think I may actually buy myself a married holster as well. 743 talking about this. Very comfortable and your gun completely disappears just like it should for concealed carry. The XIPHOS V2 and IWB Magazine Carrier are what I typically rock for my EDC - Love this holster! Fit perfectly, looks big but concealed very well even during summer. Their wide array of setups ensures that they will have yours and with plenty of choices, the possibilities are endless. If this is your first light bearing holster, it will be an adjustment. 100% recommend. Compared to my AXIS SLIM & Elite, I like that I can position the firearm a little more off center and get it to tuck into my hip which for me not only helps with comfort but also less imprinting. Truly the best gun only holster I’ve ever owned. I'll definitely look to them for future needs, too. 2nd holster from T1C. So happy with my purchase. Super durable looking, reinforcement where it’s needed to strengthen the holster. I love my holster. thanks so much... it is perfect... like the zelensky phone call... T.REX ARMS. Warrior Poet Society. This holster is slim and provides great retention. With an average discount of 21% off, consumers can score excellent offers approximately 30% off. I’ve just been more diligent about making sure the holster is dry when I take it off. I carry a Glock 19 MOS in a Tier 1 Concealed ‘Agis’ holster for my everyday carry (EDC). made my P229 easily concealed! Have been wearing it while working on the farm. I feel confident that they will continue to hold up and perform as well as they have so far. Perfect fit this is the best holster I ever had good job tier 1 well done. It is also the fastest( due to being able to really mount the gun) of any holster rig i have tried in so far as appendix carry. Apparel. Fits perfectly, love the color and holds it securely. Mehr von Tier 1 Concealed auf Facebook anzeigen. 25-30 Business Day Lead Time! Neues Konto erstellen. Every other holster dragged my leggings down where I had to throw it in my bag instead. Seems to work great. Mehr von Tier 1 Concealed auf Facebook anzeigen. Best most co.fortable holster I have ever owned. Again, the holsters were very well-made. You will not get the satisfying “click” you get in non lighted holsters. Very comfortable holster. Great craftsmanship and finish on this holster. I AM GOOD TO GO NOW after some adjustments for height and figuring which wedge works best. Its a little bigger than i thought it would be, and the threaded barrel option was different than how i thought it'd be, but overall its a solid holster and helps the p365xl conceal very well. Super comfortable and conceals everything perfectly! New Listing Tier 1 Agis Concealed Custom Sidecar Glock 19/17 Holster For a Streamlight TRL-1. But damn this thing is great. Overall, this is a great holster that provides optimal retention and does not print in the slightest. 823 talking about this. All in all, I would definitely purchase from Tier 1 again in the future. I am using a small wide Tier 1 foam wedge, and really like how it cants the gun into your body. Carrying a P365 is not a difficult proposition - it's a 10 round subcompact. I have a drawer full of holsters and run 3 different designs based on what I’m doing and what clothes I have on. I can't imagine I'll shop anywhere else of my other holsters. 20% reduction At Love tier 1 have 2 already about to get my 3rd. With a 45% best discount and an 7% savings on several Tier 1 Concealed products. Thanks T1C! Awesome Quality / Great Fit & Finish . After just a couple weeks, I'm hugely impressed, and the Xiphos will almost certainly be my new go-to holster if/when I need a new one. Video Creator. ‍♂️ what low round count drills will you be working on? Concealing a Sig Sauer P320 XCarry is easy with any shirt appendix carry. I have found that I am very fond of this holster. This is a grate holster if you don't want the mag sidecar and want to save some money, it is great quality as to be expected from t1c !!! Warrior Poet got me here! They just feel different when holstering/unholstering. Solid choice for gymshorts sweatpants, I have the ultimate clips on this but tbh I mostly use my appendix rig more, this is a great secondary holster and I’m glad I bought it. I’m not a fan of the color I picked, but that’s on me. 2 active coupon codes for Tier 1 Concealed Tier 1 Concealed Coupon 20% discount at These pistol/mag style appendix rigs are growing in popularity in the concealed carry community and are a favorite style for us at Range Day. Get everything you need on discounted pricing with this Tier 1 Concealed Coupon Code for 10 2020. T1C - Arch Patch - Black $24.99 Sold Out. T1C - Leather Patch - Black $24.99. Tier 1 Apparel . 740 talking about this. I am very comfortable with this one. - Hand Crafted - - High Quality - - American Made - IG- @tier1concealed Tier 1 rules! Being that it is designed to be worn in the front of the body, it is fitted with 2 standard 5 hole clips that keeps the holster in place for smooth draw and re-holster every time, as well as our new proprietary concealment claw that pulls the gun into the body for ultimate concealment. I have been told by a couple people that I may end up buying up to 4 holsters before I find one that I actually like. I love this holster. There isn't a lot of appendix carry options for a full size 1911 that will conceal and sit comfortably but this one knocks it out of the park. Bought this for my girlfriend for her glock 48 and it is awesome ulticlips work great and overall fit and finish is top notch definitely recommend and only use T1C holsters. Originally I didnt have a lot of options for my archon type b. Whoa man I'm impressed. Most comfortable and concealable holster I've used for appendix carry. Jimmy and Maria Hall have been married for 6 years and have recently relocated from Fayetteville, NC to a beautiful piece of property on the North Carolina-Virgina border in Oxford. I was looking for a light holster for my morning walk with my dogs but I was concerned about how comfortable and safe such a minimalist holster could be? Great in appendix but super solid as a side carry holster as well. conclusion is this XIPHOS V2 is 100% professional... a quality unit that has small adjustments so dream fitment can be realized with a prolific click... i dont even know its there and nobody else knows either... The quality is second to none, I appreciate the color options, giving me the chance to make it my own. I have another of the extraterrestrial variety, it took a lot of work on my part to get its fit right for my X-Comp. Tier 1 Apparel . Love this holster! Easy on/off. It's minor and not noticeable while I'm wearing it. Excellent holster! Tier 1 was recommended by a coworker, and it was a well deserved recommendation. Everything i ever wanted in a holster! I recently purchased my very first AIWB holster the (XIPHOS V2) and chose this company after some research and consistent recommendations from the YouTube community. Here are my initial thoughts. Published on Dec 14, 2019 In this video we go through an unboxing and quick overview of the newest appendix holster from Tier 1 Concealed, the T1 Axis Elite. It’s worth the money to anyone on the fence or researching holster companies you can go into this knowing it’s money well spent. T1C - Leather Patch - Black Multicam - Flat Bill $27.50. Well made quality, the best appendix carry holster I have used. This XIPOS V2 holster is the best appendix holster i have ever used. Thanks for watching! MY BIGGEST REGRET.. is not just getting the Axis Elite. I will continue buying these products. Even while cutting trees and Bush hogging with no issues. Tier 1 Concealed. In the lowest position, it is comfortable to wear (even sitting) and conceals excellently. Love it, ulticlips and wedge make it an extremely comfortable carry and very concealable. I got my holster ahead of schedule and have been very happy with it. I had the for xiphos 2 weeks now and really likeing it. You will save 20% on average by use this Tier 1 Concealed offer when you check out at I tried the Xiphos because the holster I normally use (a T-Rex Raptor) wasn't made for my new gun; an HK P30SK. I don't concealed carry very often but I definitely prefer this holster when I do.

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