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I’m always willing to try and see what works! ( I’m using speedball fabric ink). Its great for both flashing between prints to build up color OR achieving a final cure of the ink! You’re awesome! Like others have said, you should see steam escaping out of the shirt. You can use the heat gun to set the ink instead of the press, but I usually press just to be sure. Keep reading to find out how each method held up after going through the wash a couple of times. 1. You can start screen printing with a basic household iron. Hello! I know you’ve said in other comments to let the garment air day and then use the EasyPress. What better way than to do a little heat setting experiment of my own! I love using the heat press because I can fit my entire design under the heat. It will feel touch dry but could still wash out and the print start to fade quickly. Once the steam stops, you're about there. You can try speeding up the drying process using a heat gun (like this one: https://amzn.to/2ZKPzmQ). I bought some water based ink softener to mix in with the ink (from another website, couldn't find any on amazon) and that helps make the ink a bit softer and make it so I can push it through a 230 mesh count screen. What I’m trying to figure out is how to handle pressing multiple shirts and what to do with them as they are air drying, so you can continue using your screen press. Last week, I shared a tutorial explaining how to heat set Speedball Fabric Ink using an Easy Press 2 from Cricut. Also, know that excess heat may warp plastic molds. A simple spray bottle with water will be your best friend when printing … Jul 10, 2019 | Cricut Projects, Heat Setting, Screen Printing, Tutorials. Durometer, Type A-15 6. Thanks so much! I thought It needs just 160 degree to be cured! ... Ryonet Pro Tips with Luke: Water Based Ink vs. … However, the way ribbed fabric stretches, it always seems to crack a bit, even when cured. All Rights Reserved. While it did work, there was one spot that I got a little too close to the material and it started to burn. The heat press is one of my favorite craft tools. If I have a heat gun and use that to speed up the drying of my Speedball Ink, do I still need to wait to heatpress or can I do that immediately after the heat gun? After allowing them all to dry overnight, I used a different method of heat setting for each towel. I’ve been letting it dry for a few days. Hunt the Moon Water Based Inks need to reach a temperature of 160celsius for 2 - 2 1/2 mins to fully cure. Hey Kristina! Repeat the process (if necessary) until you have applied heat to your entire design. Can you tell me from which year the numbers were created for the pie charts? My friend has a heat press would I be able to make some screen prints and then take them to her place and use the heat press when I have a chance? For doing the final cure of the ink, I usually sit in the floor and work each shirt with the heat gun for a good 3-5 minutes or so depending on the size of the design. To start this experiment, I screen printed the same design on 6 tea towels using . Curing water based inks for screen printing are very different then curing the plastisol inks that most everyone is used to using. I’m so glad to hear you’ve gotten started screen printing! The Titan Vaper electric heat gun is ideal for beginning screen printers looking for an effective way to heat cure plastisol and water based inks. No time limit.. in fact, the longer you let the shirts air dry before heat setting, the better! I get, Hello, February ♥️ I thought I'd do a little #, Have you heard me talk about white screen printing, If you're headed to Michaels this weekend, be sure, In my craft room tour yesterday, I shared about th, Wanna look into my craft space 👀⁠⠀ Do you need to change the setting if you’re doing cotton or a polyester blend? thanks for your interesting report about the printing process. Allow it to stay in oven for 10 minutes. A fan can help with that! Weeding vinyl... love it or hate it? I printed a design on cotton fabric from my printer. Kemah. I wanted to experiment to see if I could heat set the ink with the heat gun as well. After the second time in the wash, it faded substantially. While I had heard of many different ways to heat set ink, I wanted to test them out before giving any recommendations. I tried the infused ink sheets and they faded after the first wash. Thanks, Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the all the help. You’ll w… Although this has been changing over time as ink manufacturers have improved their ink chemistry, dye b… Make sure you have good ventilation. This economical drying system does not replace the use of a screen printing tunnel conveyor or a screen printing flash dryer. I haven’t ever had issues with the ink sticking or transferring but that would be the only reason you would want to put something between. I’m so glad you found this helpful! For the heat press, is that 320 degrees celcius or Fahrenheit? Most traditional latex-based paints won't cure at temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 degrees Celsius). Once you have finished printing, use the heat gun to evaporate the water from the ink. Would that not be recommended? In the same boat doing small batches! Yes, it is necessary to cure water-based ink but it usually takes longer. I have a few shirts that the design has faded some after 2 washes! Tensile, psi-900 7. 1500w heat gun for curing screen printing inks. Hi! Viscosity, cP, 25°C-80,000 2. This could be prevented by keeping the heat gun a little further away from the material and moving it around constantly (like a hair dryer). Once you have cast all your resin, go over it a final time with a heat source to pop bubbles. Heat Gun It’s also helpful that I can ensure even heat over the entire design in just one press. If you miss a spot, that part may fade. Learn how to screen print with craft vinyl. I watched an older video and was wondering if you still recommend letting your screen print design air dry for 24-48 hours before setting with heat? I put the towel on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper to keep the towel from touching the bottom of the oven and burning. Cure temperatures will be around 375 degrees F for about 45-60 seconds. This product is great for getting started. I’m a micro batch printer just learning and experimenting with painting with Speedball screen printing inks. If you plan to try this method, you definitely want to heat set in the dryer longer than 40 minutes. When painting in cold weather, always follow the manufacturer's recommendations. It is important to let them dry properly or the ink will fade when you wash them. If you are a Cricut fan, you may have the Easy Press 2. At 150celsius the water will start to evaporate but not totally cure. This is a two-step process for some water-based paints, because the emulsions carrying acrylic latex resins don't evaporate until the bulk of the water does. Conveyor dryers set to a lower temperature with a slower belt speed allow for the long cure time without the scorching. Thank you! Is the 320 degrees for 40 seconds for all tshirt blends? PROCEDURE: Set heat gun to high heat setting and move back and forth over design for 1-2 minutes, about 4-5 inches away from the material. Over the years, you’ve probably heard stories of (or know personally) screen printers who cured their shirts in the kitchen oven, burned out mom’s favorite iron, used their flash cure for full cures, or purchased a heat gun (designed for baking and stripping paint) from a local hardware store. I heat seal the design with my Easy Press, the shirt ink has dried for 2 days… Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong! If you mess up, how easy is it to get the ink off before you hear set it? Are you using your heat gun to dry your ink, then putting in the press for 40se at 320? The discharge ink needs to be cured 30 - 45 seconds, until it changes color. Place the towel in the oven and immediately turn off the heat. After the paint is dry to the touch, the curing process begins, and this takes much longer than solvent evaporation -- … You will also need a lower mesh count. never mind just read some of the additional comments. Be sure not to leave the heat gun in one place too long or it will burn your material! But, yes, it’s a pretty big investment to make just to speed up the process! Does the thickness/ size of the design determine how long to press it? A heat gun can sort of , kind of , cure a water based print , as with this type of ink heat is of secondary importance to driving the moisture out and the heat gun can easily achieve this because it blows hot air. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Work Time, 25°C-15 minutes 3. I did a couple hoodies. the coated sheet where the ink build up is restricting the coverage. Out of habit, I tend to put a piece of parchment paper or teflon down. Elongation, %-850 8. It could be that the shirt didn’t get dry enough. Do you need to wait 24-48 hrs for the ink to dry to then use the Heat Press? Do you think the heat gun method would work for water bottles such as a yeti or hydroflask? It’s hard to tell if you covered all of the ink when using the heat gun. In this video Jonathan answers this question officially for all to benefit from. Basic Household Iron 4. I’m enjoying sharing this craft with fellow creatives! Whether you use a heat press or EasyPress, the drying time is the same. If you paint in colder weather, the paint may change colors, "blush or "bloom" (appear milky, blotchy or cloudy), lose its glossiness in some areas, run or drip. If that’s the case, try your iron or oven! PROCEDURE: After allowing the ink to air dry overnight, I put the towel directly in my household dryer on high heat for a timed dry of 40 minutes. This high quality gun works great for plastisol and water based ink because it forces hot air down onto the shirt. With a 15- to 30-minute work time, it fully cures in four to six hours at room temperature. In plastisols, the liquid or carrier com- ponent (plasticizer) is one of the active ingredients, and a fully participating com- ponent in the cured ink film. Or should I still stick to 320 for 40secs? I’ve done it both ways. When I print a bunch of shirts, I lay them all over the room – backs of chairs, table, floor – to let them dry. ⁠⠀ I’m excited to report that you can use a heat press, Easy Press 2, household iron, oven, or heat gun to get good results with your Speedball Fabric ink. It’s always good to know if something works so a project doesn’t get ruined. Screen Printing Heat Gun 1500W Total Ink Solutions. The “before” picture shows the dry ink – before the towel went through the wash. Thank you!!! Question: I know to make sure that your ink has fully cured, you should be able to stretch the fabric and the ink shouldn't crack. This works fine on unribbed fabrics. Due to the inclement weather please expect shipment / delivery delays on all orders placed since Friday 1/29/21. R31-2186 is a silica-filled, addition-cure general adhesive. I had always heard that you can heat set in the dryer but I hadn’t tried it until this experiment. While there are plenty of creative ways to cure screen printed garment… Do you have videos on the whole process? Let me know if there are any questions you have..I’m always looking for the next experiment! Not only will this make applying it easier, it will dry a lot faster. I’ve found 320 is the sweet spot for me, but definitely adjust if you find something that works better for you! However, have you used the Easy press right away? Typical physical properties include the following: 1. It is absorbed by PVC particles when heated and, at approximately 320”F, those swelled par- ticles melt together into a solid mass. ⁠ Ensure when using this method that you apply the heat uniformly and try to avoid any cracking or bubbles. My method of choice will still be the heat press or Easy Press 2 because they are the quickest. ❌ RESULT: After washing the towel once, I noticed some fading. Hey there, Does the fry time effect if the shirt will fade or not? HEAT GUN 1500w heat gun for curing screen printing inks. Your videos are incredibly helpful and your work is motivating!! I’m using speedball ink and I have a heat press. Curing Options: Water based inks cure differently from standard plastisol inks. Just make sure to keep the heat gun moving at all times. It seems like a convenient method if you are doing a large quantity of shirts, so I wanted to give it a shot. Do you know if there is a time limit on when you have to heat the design? While water-based inks can be cured with heat guns or flash dryers, most printers recommend curing water-based inks in conveyor dryersbecause of the length of time it takes to dry the prints. Its great for both flashing between prints to build up color OR achieving a final cure of the ink! Apply the flash dryer until the print is dry to the touch. Cured 24 hours at 25°C Mix Ratio-1:1 4. First, mix Warp Drive, a low-cure additive, into your ink. I heat set it a couple of times on Cotton setting. The problem at hand is that both plastisol and water based inks must be cured at 320-330 degrees to prevent the ink from washing out when laundered, but when polyester fibers reach 280 degrees the dye from the fabric can begin to bleed into the ink. Simply let the bottles of resin stand in a container of warm water for about 5 or 10 minutes before you use them. Easy to use for a quick flash cure on small logos. PROCEDURE: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Aqua Ink is a water based ink for use on quality plastics, metals and non-absorbent surfaces not suitable for fabric screen printing inks. I usually just use the heat gun to speed up drying between layers of ink or when I’m doing multi-color shirts. What temp & how long to heatset on heat press 100% polyester? I’m typing this up as my recent prints are heating in the oven…. I have 2 different sizes – the smaller one works great for smaller projects or pocket designs and the larger Easy Press 2 is perfect for large designs. To start this experiment, I screen printed the same design on 6 tea towels using Speedball black fabric ink. Make your own DIY t-shirts, bags, and more with your Cricut or Silhouette.  Rather than using iron-on vinyl, you can screen print at home!  Learn More. Thanks for sharing your talents with us! HEAT GUN 1500w heat gun for curing screen printing inks. Curing water-based ink is the same here as it was for the heat gun. If you look close, you’ll see some faint burn marks on the white material around the “est 2005” part of the design. Copyright © 2021, Total Ink Solutions LLC. While plastisol inks cure with infrared once reaching 320 degrees, water based inks cure best with air movement and heat. thank you SO MUCH for sharing your methods and results! Kitchen Oven 6. In this video, Justin introduces our brand new 1600 watt heat guns which are available now for only $39.95 at www.anthemprintingsf.com Heat Gun for Curing Plastisol and Water Based Inks on Vimeo … Oil-based varnishes usually call for Mineral Spirits whereas water-borne/based finished take water. If you are screen printing at home or just starting your small business, you may not be ready to add extra equipment like the Easy Press 2 or a standard heat press. The “after” shows the same towel – after it was washed twice. Your email address will not be published. The downside is that it requires more coats to build, but those coats can usually be applied with less time between coats. The flash dryer dries and heat cures all in one.. and since it covers the entire shirt, you know it’s getting heated evenly. Heat Gun: 1500 Watt Dual Temperature (572°/1112°) Benefits: The cheapest way to cure your plastisol inks. Easy Press 2 3. Cover the design with parchment paper and iron over the entire design for 3-5 minutes, moving the iron constantly. When you need greater speed in your ink drying process, upgrade to the AWT Starter Conveyor Dryer Special Note: Do not This means just one 40 second press and I’m ready to press my next item. You can also try pressing the shirt twice (lift it up in between so it releases the heat) just to be sure it’s getting heated long enough. Thank you in advance! 10. Dyes seep into the paper substrate more easily than pigments, which primarily sit up on the surface of the paper. This is a great way to heat press shirts. (Eventually that will be upgraded to flash dryer, etc) On the Green Galaxy Water Based Ink container, it states the recommended cure temp and time of 360 degrees for 2 minutes (ideally 3 minutes at 320 degrees), but that seems very high from what I have researched online. Maybe you’ve tried one of those ideas yourself! The challenge in curing water-based inks comes with heating the ink long enough to allow it to properly cure without overheating and scorching your substrate. This post may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. Great info thank you! After heat curing and washing, the ink feels pretty soft (if ink … Writers_Block47 You can only cure a small area at a time with a heat gun, 5 or 6 inches around maybe. Heat Press 2. I hope that makes sense. When using the cricuit heat press to you place it directly on the design or should you put a paper in between? Since curing water based ink requires a large amount of airflow to filter out the escaping steam, it was necessary to purchase specialized air flash units and conveyor dryers designed to deal with that kind of curing. Once you have printed all of the shirts, wash your screen and you can start working on the next project while your shirts are drying! This high quality gun works great for plastisol and water based ink because it forces hot air down onto the shirt. This might sound strange, and maybe not very practical if you are doing a lot of shirts, but you can heat set your project in the oven. But I am not ready to purchase the Flash dryer. Remember to hydrate. I hope your project turned out great! You should have a fire extinguisher nearby. Heavy film weights of oil based inks may lead to unacceptable wetting of the water-based emulsion. Although you can use heat guns and flash dryers, it is recommended to run water-based ink printed shirts to a conveyor dryer. That’s it… it can now go in the wash. ✅ RESULT: After washing the towel twice, the ink did not fade. For the oven, have you found that all the design has to be visible, or could you roll a tea towel up and assume the heat gets into the middle layers? After printing the ink naturally air dries, the water based medium evaporates and the pigments/ binders become part of the item below, forming a permanent bond to the item. You need a dryer with the capacity to handle the longer cure times that Water based inks require. Your tutorials and blog have been a valuable tool for this newbie to screen printing! It means a lot to hear feedback from a fellow printer! After allowing them all to dry overnight, I used a different method of heat setting for each towel. Please use caution when using a flame! That’s it… it can now go in the wash. Not ready to invest in a Heat Press or Easy Press 2? After heating the towel in the dryer for one 40 minute cycle, I did the wash test. The obvious remedy in such cases is to reduce pressures to the bare minimum. Tear, ppi-70R32-2186 is very similar to R31, except it has an extended work time of six ho… I just wasn’t sure if I still needed to allow drying time after using the heat gun before I set with my Easy Press!? In dye-based inkjet inks the coloration has been chemically bonded to the liquid portion of the ink, forming a “solution.” In contrast, pigmented inks are “suspensions.” That is, particles of coloration are suspended within a liquid and held between water molecules. Specific Gravity-1.10 5. Used for flash curing shirts after printing. Yes! After years of HTV, I now use the heat press in a different way… to heat set screen printing ink. If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. Join my email list and be the first to know about new techniques and project ideas!

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