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This article describes poisoning caused by eating parts of the Caladium plant and other plants in the Araceae family. Plant Name: Caladium . As they are common house and garden plants, caladiums … When grown in an indoor location, the beautiful, decorative caladium surely becomes the prime attraction of the room. However, its multicoloured leaves make it a beautiful and popular plant to display both inside and outside the house, but pet owners should consider whether its beauty is worth the risk, as ingestion will result in high levels of irritation in the mouth and throat. Caladium plants often bloom together to produce calla lily-like patterns. Kaffir lily; Hand Warmers. If you think a child or adult has eaten part of a doubtful plant, seek medical advice immediately from a hospital Accident & Emergency department ; Take a sample of the plant with you ; Do not panic and DO NOT try to make the person sick; Animal ingestion. The Caladium is poisonous for both cats and dogs. We have combined these two powerful search tools into a single Find a Plant service searching over 250,000 plant records. Any procedures with Caladium, including transplantation or hygiene measures, require protection of the surface of the hands. 25% off our General Care eBook! Grow caladiums need to be very careful: the plant belongs to the number of poisonous, juice can irritate the mucous membranes and skin. The fruit are small, white berries clustered along the spike. Caladiums are another South American bulb plant with long-lasting foliage. And this is just a few of the possibilities. Caladium. Scientific Name: Caladium hortulanum . Major Toxicity: These plants may cause serious illness or death. Coleus come in a wide variety of color combinations easily as attractive as the caladium and can last several years as long as the flower spikes are pinched back. If you have pets at home, plants can be a great addition. Caladium plant poisoning Alocasia plant poisoning; Angel wings plant poisoning; Colocasia plant poisoning; Heart of Jesus plant poisoning; Texas Wonder plant poisoning . If you have cats or dogs and plants in your home, it’s essential to know which poisonous plants to keep from pets. My cat Bug recently recovered from an accidental poisoning courtesy of an indoor plant last July. Some of their effects are quite fast. This article is for information only. Menu; Poison List. Minor Toxicity: Ingestion of these plants may cause minor illnesses such as vomiting or diarrhea. This plant has medium severity poison characteristics. Different colors can be seen on the leaves of this plant. Typical symptoms include difficulty in swallowing, drooling, irritation of the mouth, lips, tongue, oral irritation, pawing and vomiting. DO NOT use it to treat or manage an actual poison exposure. This article describes poisoning caused by eating parts of the Caladium plant and other plants in the Araceae family. However, this potted plant can be toxic to both humans and animals. Caladium is a perennial, tropical plant widely cultivated species in the family Araceae. DO NOT use it to treat or manage an actual poison exposure. Caladium is primarily grown as root vegetable. If ingested by humans, caladium can cause swelling in the mouth, lips, and throat, and it can result in blocked airways that can lead to death. See below Description. #6 – Caladium All of these are highly toxic to humans of all ages as well as pets. Chewing into this plant will release these crystals causing tissue penetration & irritation to the mouth & oral cavity. Each and every part of the plant is poisonous to humans and should not be ingested. Here are a few toxic plants to keep away from both your children and your pets. People eat the poisonous fish for its ability to induce a feeling of ecstasy. Monstera Deliciosa. However, find out first just how pet-friendly a plant is before you make the purchase. Toxicity Class (third column in table below). If it is ingested, the caladium can cause burning and swelling of the mouth, difficulty in breathing, speaking and even swallowing. Risk Assessment. Home > Poisonous plants > Herb > Angel’s wings (Caladium) Angel’s wings (Caladium) The central spike is packed with tiny florets. If you suspect your pet has ingested Caladium, you may notice the animal has excessive drooling, difficulty swallowing, and they may vomit. Caladium considered plants, adaptable to place inside of the interior. But as with most of these other plants poisonous to humans, the caladium is no different. The caladium flower is a very interesting-looking bloom, somewhat reminiscent of the calla lily. All parts of the plant are poisonous. However, the matter of concern is that all parts of the caladium plants are considered toxic to humans and animals. Be especially wary of caladium, lilies (toxic to cats), and sago palms. The plant is found in Central America, South America, India, and Africa. Be especially careful to watch out for the first 15 in this list of plants poisonous for pets. These fields of caladiums are a popular tourist attraction and there are festivals held in honor of the plant and the economic prosperity it brings to the local growers. See our other caladiums here. Jun 29, 2017 - mostly shade; partial to Pink Splash, Calypso, Miss Muffet. Natalie Maynor, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr. Delivery Time. Caladium is another plant family where the entire plant is not only poisonous to cats and dogs, but to us humans as well. Peace Lilies . Effects of the plant’s poison can be adverse to humans as well. Caladiums are a genus of tropical plants with heart-shaped, 6 to 12 inch leaves. Jun 4, 2017 - Caladium blushing bride These plants are considered poisonous and should be kept away from pets and children. This article describes poisoning caused by eating parts of the Caladium plant and other plants in the Araceae family. Learn all about Caladium Candidum basic care, propagation, repotting, and any common issues you might run into. Virtually all of the features of the old searches are still available and in addition we have added several new features to create a more comprehensive and user friendly search experience. This article is for information only. Known as the Elephant Ear, Angel Wings, or Heart of Jesus, caladium is a heart-shaped plant with signature pink and red splashes of color on its green leaves. Poison List; For Owners; For Vets; Toxin Tails; Blog; Careers; Emergency Instructions. Caladium x hortulanum; Phonetic Spelling ka-LAY-dee-um BYE-kuh-lor This plant has medium severity poison characteristics. This article is for information only. Read more about common houseplants that are poisonous in Don’t Feed Me To Your Cat! While the exact toxin that is dangerous to cats is unknown, consuming caladium can lead to oral inflammation such as swelling of the throat and mouth. While the Peace Lily is a beautiful houseplant with a plethora of detoxifying qualities, it can be toxic if consumed by both humans and pets. All parts of the caladium are considered toxic to humans and animals. Caladium. Caladium. Plant Care Plant Care Guides Detailed care information for a wide range of houseplants to help you learn more about their individual needs. Their dark leaves, white flowers, and low maintenance needs make them a very popular choice for Spring décor. Human ingestion or skin contact. Like other members of the arum family, the Caladiums contain calcium oxalate crystals in the leaves and stems that can cause inflammation and pain in the mouth of animals or people who chew on the plant parts [1] (See Dieffenbachia species). Germany 1-3 days. For all other countries delivery time can range from 3-10 days. Lighting and placement. This plant is highly toxic to dogs as well as cats, due to the toxic insoluble calcium oxalates in it. Even a small ingested amount can cause burning and swelling of the mouth, lips, tongue and throat. Menu. Cats and dogs can also suffer similar symptoms, including difficulty breathing, nausea, and vomiting. Every year, new varieties and the largest indoor and outdoor plants are showcased. A Guide to Poisonous Houseplants The Caladium plants belong to the Araceae family. You can ease symptoms by offering drinks of water or milk, but if symptoms persist, you should seek a vet’s advice. The beautiful, decorative caladium is toxic to both humans and animals. 24/7 ANIMAL POISON CONTROL CENTER: (855) 764-7661 Call Now. DO NOT use it to treat or manage an actual poison exposure. This article is for information only. When eaten or even merely handled, the plant can cause burning in the mouth, throat and stomach as well as convulsions, coma and death.

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