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Just as in humans, too much salt in your chickens' diet can lead to hypertension, digestive problems, heart and kidney issues, dehydration and an electrolyte imbalance. Cayenne pepper is not as palatable to chickens as garlic, so you may have to adjust the mixture of cayenne pepper and feed until your chickens are comfortable. Stuff the chicken with the lemon. But spices do far more than just ramp up the flavor quotient in foods, they also deliver a dose of healthy benefits for both animals and people. Seeing how garlic and cayenne pepper works for sick chickens. My hens love salsa. Our Natural Chicken Dewormer Recipe We made a single serving of grits (I know this is a southern thing, but you can substitute oatmeal as well. And a sprinkle of cinnamon and/or cayenne pepper over the feed or treats can help with circulation which should in turn help prevent frostbite. Cayenne peppers, which are used whole or in the form of a finely milled powder, are found in a wide variety of cuisines, including Creole, Asian, Indian, Thai, Chinese, and Korean. _Supplement Feeding Instructions + Benefits, chickens are susceptible to respiratory issues, Five Easy Ways to Keep your Chickens Water from Freezing this Winter. ), Chicken Mites: Fast & All Natural Solutions, Best Hatcheries to Buy Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. Cayenne also helps with circulation, which can prevent frostbite in the winter. 4. Preparing your Chickens for a Blizzard or Snowstorm. Which Breeds of Chickens Lay Colored Eggs? Combine cornmeal, flour, garlic powder, cayenne, salt and pepper, and mix well to make chicken coating. Chicken & Worm Farmer ... Garlic, and Cayenne Pepper, which all have extremely good healing agents and vitamins. Garlic can be added to your chickens' diet by floating whole cloves in your waterer, offering crushed fresh cloves free-choice, or adding garlic powder to the feed in a 2% ratio. If it’s fresh and homemade, the jalapeno might do something. Oregano, fresh, dried or in the form of an essential oil, is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics ever studied. These images also appear on my Instagram account where I share MANY more photos and stories from the farm! Capsaicin – and it causes them to detach from their hosts, and chickens can then poop the worms out. But, the … This part is just to give them a base of something they like to eat so they will gobble it down). Cayenne peppers are a type of chili pepper. It increases circulation and health, and also increases effectiveness of other herbs when used in combination with them. Pampered Chicken Mama is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Garlic is a nutrition powerhouse. They belong to the nightshade family of flowering plants and are closely related to bell peppers and jalapeños.. … She is also the author of Chickens: Naturally Raising A Sustainable Flock, which was a best seller in it’s Amazon category. Feb 2000 – Present 20 years. It interrupts the worm’s life cycle, making your hens healthier. Also, cooking boneless chicken breasts 8 to 10 minutes on a side results in hard overcooked chicken on the outside. This means that if a chicken has worms, a dog that eats the infected poop containing worms’ eggs can also become a host for the parasites. Joshua Tree. Native to South America, cayenne peppers are generally skinny, red, and have somewhat rippled skin. So consider adding some spice to your chickens' diet, even if it's merely by spicing up the vegetables and whole grains your family eats and then sharing the leftovers with your flock. Now bear in mind that with many of these ingredients, their effectiveness is merely anecdotal; there’s not a TON of studies to show whether pumpkin seeds, pepper, or herbs will truly leave your hen’s insides squeaky clean of freeloaders. It boosts the immune system, increases respiratory health and is also thought to repel mites, lice, ticks and other parasites. Email to: ©2015 by Fresh Eggs Daily, Inc. All rights reserved. Specifically, feeding red pepper flakes to your hens at a concentration between 0.5 - 2% will produce a red-orange colored yolk (Note: birds do not sense “hot” or “spicy.” This is why you can add cayenne pepper to your bird seed to discourage squirrels etc. Ginger has also been studied as a dietary supplement for laying hens and it has been determined that adding dried ginger in a .1% ratio (1 gram per kilogram of feed) to layer feed results in greater layer performance, larger eggs and a higher level of antioxidant in the eggs. In a way, it might cheapen the experience…. Like much else in the natural chicken keeping realm, not a lot of studies have been conducted on using spices with chickens, but common sense tells you that adding various types of herbs or spices with beneficial health properties to your chickens' diet can only lead to healthier chickens. Cook until the juices run clear when the leg of the bird is pierced with the tip of a knife. A scientific study[1] has shown that cayenne pepper powder at an inclusion rate of 0.5-1 g/100 g of broiler feed, works great in boosting the body weight of broilers. I generally give the grit and such separately, but throw in as much as you like if you add it directly to the feed.

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